What is Tatweer Research?

Tatweer Research was established in 2010 and is a commercially driven enterprise that promotes the creation of a Knowledge Economy in Libya. We operate through three integrated activities: research, development and consultancy. Our aim is to make Libya a global centre of excellence in high-tech R&D and solve global problems through faculties across environment, climate, energy, commercial transactions and medical technology industries.

Why do we do what we do?

We’re driven by a passion to rebuild Libya and see it prosper. We want to promote Libya’s private sector, help build a Knowledge Economy, develop better prospects for Libyans and generate employment. Ultimately, we want Libya to be a positive contributor to solving global challenges.

What is a Knowledge Economy?

A Knowledge Economy is one in which a significant proportion of a country’s wealth creation and productivity is driven by knowledge-based capabilities. These capabilities can range from high tech Research and Development to architecture, the creative and media industries. At Tatweer Research, we believe that by nurturing the talents of Libya’s best and brightest, and providing them with opportunities to work alongside international experts, we can create a future where the knowledge of our people is as valuable to our economy as our natural resources.

Who is the senior management at Tatweer Research?

Our senior management team is spread across London and Benghazi and includes:
• CEO & Chairman: Khaled Elmufti
• Finance Director: Ashraf Zway
• Project Management Director: Hatem Mangoush
• Technical Director: Fawzi Barrani
• R&D Director: Mohammed Musbah
• Business Development Director: Yamen Bishari
• IT Director: Haitham Sennusi
• HR Director: Magdi Tluba
• UK Operations: John Macdonald

Where are Tatweer Research’s offices?

Our headquarters are in Benghazi. We also have a satellite office in London since our projects often require the support and expertise of global organisations, many of whom have their main offices in London. The vast majority of our people are on the ground in Libya, liaising closely with our UK team.

What is Tatweer Research’s Governance Structure?

Tatweer was established under Libyan private company law. We have a rigorous oversight and accountability structure which includes reporting to two boards: a General Assembly Board that consists of the Board of Directors of the Libyan Local Investment and Development Fund (LLIDF) and a Tatweer Board consisting of 5 directors.

The role of the General Assembly Board is to appoint suitably qualified and relevant people to the Tatweer Board of Directors and to approve Tatweer’s annual budget and drawdowns from LLIDF. The General Assembly Board is accountable to the LLIDF shareholders: the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and the Central Bank of Libya (CBL). It meets annually to approve the budget at an AGM. The Tatweer Board of Directors meets bi-monthly and is responsible for setting strategy, approving senior hires and monitoring the performance of the business.

How does Tatweer Research ensure high levels of financial accountability?

Our finances are constantly reviewed by internal and external auditors. We have a zero tolerance policy towards corruption and are transparent in all our monetary matters. At all times our work is carried out with well-established and highly respected institutions and professionals. Our annual budget is also reviewed and approved by our General Assembly Board. For more information on this process, please refer to the previous FAQ on 'Tatweer’s Governance Structure'.

How can I get a job at Tatweer?

If you’d like to be considered for one of our roles, please email: generalenquiries@tatweerresearch.org and attach your CV with a covering letter.

How can I join the Tatweer Graduate Program?

We are currently in the early stages of planning the next Tatweer Graduate Program. We will advertise nationally again via universities and social media. We aren’t recruiting just yet but it would be worth checking our website regularly.