TEC is short for Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus, a 3- year initiative between
Tatweer Research and the United Nations Development Programme
(UNDP) with European Union funding.


TEC program is unique in nature and has never been
done in Libya before. Laying down the groundwork for
the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Libya. TEC aims to
empower Libyan entrepreneurs through providing
training, consulting, mentoring, office space, financial
support, and information on players in the ecosystem.
TEC also aims to affect change at the university level
by incorporating entrepreneurship education into the
curriculum and government level through reforming
business regulation.
It is TEC’s end goal to graduate 30 start-ups from the
program by 2020 and to inspire another 60 indirectly,
a total of 90 start-ups over the next three years – creating
1000 value-adding jobs in the Libyan economy.