• Who are we and what do we do?

Think Tomorrow. A new Libya awaits.

Libya is standing at the beginning of an exciting era of opportunity. A time when the foundations can be laid to build a progressive, globally connected nation by unleashing the skill, creativity and ingenuity of the Libyan people.

At Tatweer Research our mission is clear. To foster a new Knowledge Economy outside of the Libyan oil & gas industry. We are doing this by nurturing the brightest young minds in Libya; incubating the ideas of ambitious homegrown entrepreneurs; and attracting international talent and investment that can help us lead the way in fields such as renewable energy, climate change, healthcare and financial services.

Not only do we have great ambition as a company, we also have the financial backing of our Nation behind us. Established under Libyan Commercial Law in 2010, Tatweer Research is owned by the Libyan Local Investment Development Fund. This is a sovereign fund created by the Libyan Investment Authority and Central Bank of Libya.

We are already working with some of the world’s most revered corporations and academic institutions. It is through this partnership approach that we will achieve our vision of a diversified Libyan economy, with a strong private sector and increased opportunities for local talent, international experts and overseas investors.

There are three main pillars of our work:

Research & Development:

Pioneering ideas that will change the world are at the heart of what we are about. To read more about our work click here


We are developing the talents of our young bright minds by providing access to high quality international work placements. We are also supporting Libya’s existing public and private sector institutions by upskilling their senior management and wider workforce. To read more about our flagship Tatweer Graduate Program click here


Our deep-rooted knowledge of how to do business in Libya means we can act as a bridge for international investors seeking to create new revenue streams from Libya’s transitioning economy. Our expertise means we can also assist international corporations looking to secure Government contracts or gain research insights into Libyan attitudes and behaviours. Closer to home, we can support Libyan companies seeking to modernise their business practices by helping them to adopt and apply new technologies. We can also assist them in marketing their products and services to consumers both locally and worldwide. If you’d like to discuss how we can assist your organisation please email: consultancy@tatweerresearch.org