• How we are changing Libya

Developing Libya’s Knowledge Economy

Geographically situated as the gateway between Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Libya is well-placed to become a thriving international hub across a variety of sectors. However, right now the country is in a state of transition. To secure future stability, we must provide opportunities for more Libyans to do well at home.

Libya is a wealthy country thanks to its natural resources, yet the hydrocarbons sector only employs 2% of the population1.This leaves a generation of bright, eager and entrepreneurial minds who are left craving opportunities to unleash their potential. We also have a workforce that is hugely reliant on the public sector, which employs over 50% of the workforce2. This level of public sector employment is not sustainable, which is a risk to both Libyan livelihoods and long-term stability.

To create a brighter future for Libya and its citizens, we must diversify our economy, reduce our reliance on hydrocarbons and grow a stronger private sector. Tatweer Research will do this by helping to develop a new Libyan Knowledge Economy that is rooted in science and technology.

We are achieving this by nurturing homegrown talent so that more budding Libyan professionals develop into world-leading experts in research, innovation & technology. We are also starting to develop the infrastructure needed to attract international expertise and investment. Finally, we are capitalising on the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of Libyans eager to start their own businesses by providing idea incubator opportunities.

By stimulating Libya’s Knowledge Economy, Tatweer Research can empower the Nation to stand shoulder to shoulder with its science and technology peers around the globe.

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