• Tatweer Graduate Program

Nurturing our homegrown talent

Our vision for Libya is to become an internationally respected economy born from an emergence of homegrown talent as well as international expertise. We are helping to develop ambitious young minds into leading professionals who, over time, will enjoy successful careers and forge new partnerships for Libya with advanced economies for years to come. These experts will become peers in their field amongst the world’s elite, pioneering new ideas in technology that makes a difference to people living in Libya and around the world.

The Tatweer Graduate Program is a flagship project that provides some of the most promising young minds in Libya with the opportunity to access high quality international work and study placements where they can learn from leading experts in their field.

Our initial group of students graduated in Spring 2015, and they will be the first of many who return to Libya ready to put their new found skills into practice.

If you’d like to help bright minds in Libya unlock their potential, please contact us.