• Elmreisa Tech City

Laying the foundations for change

To fulfill our ambition of becoming a vibrant North African hub for pioneering R&D, we must first create the hard and soft infrastructure needed to attract local and international talent and investment.

Introducing Elmreisa. A free trade zone planned on a 1,200-hectare coastal site to the south west of Benghazi. And at its heart, a 160-hectare Tech City.

The Tech City will be a powerhouse for growth, offering R&D Labs that play to local strengths and see our homegrown talent working side by side with international experts to share ideas and co-create new products and technologies. It will also offer a platform for Libya’s budding entrepreneurs, with business incubators for promising start-ups and office space for SMEs so they can benefit from this vibrant and creative centre of learning and innovation. There will be scalable space for multi-national companies, but institutional links with Libyan academic institutions will ensure that whilst the Tech City attracts high-profile international tenants, it will always remain a Libyan-centred venture with opportunities for our young talent to grow and develop into the leading experts of tomorrow.

Elmreisa will become a symbol of national pride and hope for Libya, generating an estimated 16,500 direct jobs and supporting a further 198,000 indirect jobs. It will be an exemplar smart and sustainable site, offering the wider population retail and leisure activities that make it a destination for all.

The project is currently in the early planning phases, but as Libya’s leading R&D organisation, Tatweer Research will be spearheading the development of Elmreisa Tech City. Through continued collaboration with international partners and investors, we will help ensure it evolves from a vibrant and dynamic space to become Libya’s Centre of Excellence for Science, Research and Technology.

Through Elmreisa, we will build the foundations for a new Knowledge Economy for Libya, the region and generations to come. Brick by brick.

If you would like to find out more about how you can support or benefit from the development of this Technology City, please contact us