At St John’s Innovation Centre, we have had the privilege of working with Tatweer Research since 2014. Tatweer’s vision is inspirational: to replace the current national economic reliance in hydrocarbons by turning Libya into a knowledge economy. This creative concept is being implemented by enabling a new generation of young Libyans to put into practice their latent entrepreneurial talents, while actively planning the pioneering infrastructure in which global firms can flourish. Tatweer’s leadership is exemplary in bringing out the best in all those who serve the organisation, providing them with both the advanced skills required and a sense of mission: tangible goals that transcend individual self-interest.



St John’s Innovation Centre,

" I have been so impressed by our collaboration with Tatweer Research on the Enjazi startup competition in Libya. Tatweer works with a true national spirit and entrepreneurs, men and women, from all around Libya, from Benghazi to Sabha to Tripoli, gathered to learn from each other and to learn together. They were all passionate about building their own startup and the future success stories of Libya. A very inspiring first edition, very promising for technology and entrepreneurship in Libya. It is early days still, but a new window of opportunity has been opened for the Libyan youth, and we all need to see through this window with them."   -

Hala Fadel

Chair , MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab